Paper Submission Deadline is extended to July 20, 2024
International Microwave & Antennas Symposium (IMAS 2024)

Antennas & Microwave Technologies
For Sustainable Developement

IEEE MTT-S and IEEE AP-S have come together to sponsor the second edition of the International Microwave and Antennas Symposium (IMAS2024) taking place in Marrakech, Morocco on October 21-24, 2024. IMAS’24 is technically sponsored by Moroccan School of Engineering Science and Abdelmalek University in Morocco. This conference aims to provide an ideal place for the exchange of scientific and technical information, at both academic and industrial levels, and to foster collaboration and cooperation in the microwaves, and antennas & propagation in Africa and across the world.

IMAS2024 will consist of contributed and invited papers that will shed light on the current state of the art Iand will highlight the latest development and innovations in diverse topics related to antennas and propagation, microwave circuits, photonics and measurements, and their diverse applications including those targeting sustainable development. IMAS2024 will include technical sessions, poster sessions, special sessions, invited talks, workshops, tutorials, banquet and social events. Contributions from industry, universities, research centers and other institutions are welcome workshops, tutorials, banquet and social events. Contributions from industry, universities, research centers and other institutions are welcome !


Include but not limited to:


A01 Electromagnetic theory and numerical front-end techniques

A02 Antenna interactions and coupling

A03 Antenna systems and architectures

A04 Imaging, scattering, diffraction

A05 Small antennas, RF sensors and wearable antennas

A06 Array antennas, beam-forming, reflect arrays and transmit arrays

A07 Adaptive and reconfigurable antennas a08 active and integrated antennas

A09 Mimo, antenna diversity, smart and signal processing antennas

A10 Lens antennas and radomes

A11 Advanced RF materials, metamaterials, selective surfaces and EBG

A12 Millimeter-wave, submillimeter-wave and THz antennas

A13 High-power antennas

A14 Nano antennas

A15 Other advanced antenna topics.


P01 Tropospheric propagation

P02 Outdoor/ indoor/ urban propagation

P03 Satellite propagation modeling

P04 Multi-link MIMO and cooperative channels

P05 Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure channels

P06 Channel-sounding and channel-estimation techniques

P07 Millimeter- and Sub-millimeter- wave propagation

P08 UWB propagation

P09 Body-centric propagation

P10 Other advanced propagation topics.


M01 Measurement of radar scattering and radar calibration techniques

M02 Advances in near-field, far-field, compact and RCS test ranges

M03 EMI/EMC/PIM chamber design, measurements and instrumentation

M04 Other advanced measurement topics.

Photonics & THz

P01 Optical networks and systems

P02 Fiber optics devices and subsystems

P03 Detection, sensing, and energy

P04 Biophotonics and medical optics

P05 Circuits and systems for THz applications

P06 Other advanced photonics topics.

RF/Microwave Circuits and Systems Optics

R01 Semiconductor devices and component modeling for RF applications

R02 Monolithic and hybrid integrated active circuits

R03 Monolithic and hybrid passive components and circuits

R04 Receiver and transmitter RF

R05 Novel waveguides and new phenomena in waveguides

R06 RF packaging and package modeling

R07 RFID systems

R08 RF MEMES, MOEMS and Microsystems

R09 Electronic warfare

R10 Emerging areas including nanotechnology and biomedical applications

R11 Wireless and cellular architectures, components, and circuits

R12 Wireless sensor network and its applications in internet of things (IoT)

R13 Wireless power transfer techniques

R14 Optical/fiber techniques

R14 Military applications of RF/Microwaves

R15 Other advanced RF techniques.


Special sessions / tutorials Proposals: February 20, 2024 

Paper submission: May 20, 2024 

Notification of paper acceptance: July 20, 2024 

Camera-ready paper submission: August 20, 2024 

Early registration: August 20, 2024